EDC16 – EDC17 Damos for WinOls


Damos for WinOLS only for EDC16 and EDC17 Bosh ECU.

Check if we have damos for your file befor payment – Searching damos.



How to find and buy a damos?

  1. Go to searching page Search damos.
  2. Select ECU: ECD16 or EDC17.
  3. Select your file.
  4. Push the button “Search damos” and wait.
  5. You’ll see after checking:
    • If we have damos for you “The Damos for your file is found!” will be on the screen. You can buy it.
    • If we haven’t damos for you “Damos is not found” will be on your screen. You can try to find a damos for some another file.
  6. Copy your Damos ID and push the button “Buy DAMOS”.
    Copy damos id
  7. Add Damos to the basket and proceed to check out.
  8. Paste Damos ID to folder “Additional information” and pay by card or via PayPal.
    Paste damos id