VAG EDC16: maps and damos ID for WinOLS

Most popular Maps and Damos ID for Bosch EDC16 VAG ECU are in this table. Use Damos ID for searching maps in WinOLS. Tuning, DPF, EGR and many others maps. 

6x1Driver Wish SelectorAccPed_stGearSel_CUR
8x16Driver Wish (cold)AccPed_trqEng0Cold_MAP
8x16Driver Wish 00AccPed_trqEng0_MAP
8x16Driver Wish 01AccPed_trqEng1_MAP
8x16Driver Wish 02AccPed_trqEng2_MAP
8x16Driver Wish 03AccPed_trqEng3_MAP
8x16Driver Wish 04AccPed_trqEng4_MAP
8x16Driver Wish 05AccPed_trqEng5_MAP
8x16Driver Wish 06AccPed_trqEng6_MAP
8x16Driver Wish AWDAccPed_trqEngLow_MAP
32x1MAF LinearizationAFSCD_dmLin_CUR
8x8Air Mass Substuitive Value in case of an error [Air Mass]AFSCD_mAirPerCylDfl_MAP
16x16EGR (Gear 1,2 Reverse, No gear)AirCtl_mDesBase0_MAP
16x16EGR (Gear 3,4)AirCtl_mDesBase1_MAP
16x16EGR (Gear 5,6)AirCtl_mDesBase2_MAP
6x1BIP fuel temperature correction curveBIP_facFTCor_CUR
10x10BIP injection beginning correction mapBIP_facInjBegCor_MAP
10x1BIP base curveBIP_tiBase_CUR
8x10BIP multi injection correction curveBIP_tiMultiInjCor_MAP
1x1SRC Max value for Boost Pressure SensorBPSCD_uSRCMax_C
2x1MAP linearizationBPSCD_pLin_CUR
1x1Default value of Boost PressureBPSCD_pDfl_C
5x5Injection Limiter Via Air TemperatureEngPrt_facAirOvhtPrv_MAP
4x4overheating prevention map dependent on engine temperature and vehicle velocityEngPrt_facCTOvhtPrv_MAP
8x8MAP for calculating the limitation factor for the Exhaust Gas Temperature at the Presure turbineEngPrt_facTempPreTrbn_MAP
22x4Torque LimiterEngPrt_trqLimP_MAP
2x2Map for limitation of torque depending on ratio V / n and engine speedEngPrt_trqLimrVnNoPI_MAP
10x16Boost Correction via TempFlMng_pIATCorr_MAP
13x16Smoke Limiter Airflow (MAF) [Fuel]FlMng_qAFSCDSmoke_MAP
8x8map for dynamic limitation of injection quantityFlMng_qDynSmoke_MAP
13x16Smoke Limiter Presure (MAP) [Fuel]FlMng_qPresSmoke_MAP
12x1Curve for smoke limitation depending on throttle pedal positionFlMng_rLmbdPartLd_CUR
13x16Lambda Calculations 00 [AFR]FlMng_rLmbdSmkLim0_MAP
13x16Lambda Calculations 01 [AFR]FlMng_rLmbdSmkLim1_MAP
13x16Lambda Calculations 02 [AFR]FlMng_rLmbdSmkLim2_MAP
1x1Switch between boost pressure (0) and air pressure (1) for smoke limitationFlMng_swtBPAP_C
1x1lambda/smoke maps switch ( 0 lambda calculations, 1-maf or map smoke maps )FlMng_swtqLimSmkQ_C
1x1MAF/MAP switch (0 MAF, 1 MAP)FlMng_swtSmokeVariant_C
16x16Torque to IQ Conversion [Fuel]FMTC_trq2qBas_MAP
1x1Maximum engine powerFrmMng_pwrMax_C
1x1gearbox type (0:manual - 1:automatic - 2: automatic shift - 3: Variable continous - 4:automatic manual/only z-car)Gearbx_swtTypeVal_C
1x1Single Value Gearbox Torque LimiterGearbx_trqInMax_C
15x1Torque limiter (1 gear)Gearbx_trqMaxGear1_CUR
15x1Torque limiter (2 gear)Gearbx_trqMaxGear2_CUR
15x1Torque limiter (3 gear)Gearbx_trqMaxGear3_CUR
15x1Torque limiter (4 gear)Gearbx_trqMaxGear4_CUR
15x1Torque limiter (5 gear)Gearbx_trqMaxGear5_CUR
15x1Torque limiter (6 gear)Gearbx_trqMaxGear6_CUR
15x1Torque limiter (R gear)Gearbx_trqMaxGearR_CUR
14x16Start of injection 00InjCrv_phiBas0_GMAP
14x16Start of injection 01InjCrv_phiBas1_GMAP
14x16Start of injection 02InjCrv_phiBas2_GMAP
14x16Start of injection 03InjCrv_phiBas3_GMAP
14x16Start of injection 04InjCrv_phiBas4_GMAP
14x16Start of injection 05InjCrv_phiBas5_GMAP
14x16Start of injection 06InjCrv_phiBas6_GMAP
14x16Start of injection 07InjCrv_phiBas7_GMAP
14x16Start of injection 08InjCrv_phiBas8_GMAP
14x16Start of injection 09InjCrv_phiBas9_GMAP
14x16Start of injection (gear 1_2)InjCrv_phiBasGear12_MAP
14x16Start of injection (gear 3_4)InjCrv_phiBasGear34_MAP
14x16Start of injection (gear 5_6)InjCrv_phiBasGear56_MAP
10x1Start of injection SelectorInjCrv_phiBas_CUR
14x16Start of injection (dynamic) 01InjCrv_phiDyn0_GMAP
14x16Start of injection (dynamic) 02InjCrv_phiDyn1_GMAP
14x16Start of injection (dynamic) 03InjCrv_phiDyn2_GMAP
14x16Start of injection (dynamic) 04InjCrv_phiDyn3_GMAP
14x16Start of injection (dynamic) 05InjCrv_phiDyn4_GMAP
5x1Start of injection (dynamic) SelectorInjCrv_phiDyn_CUR
11x14SOI LimiterInjCrv_phiMIMax_MAP
8x9Fuel Volume CorrectionInjUn_QntyPerTemp_MAP
8x8Expected Fuel TempInjUn_tFlRef_MAP
1x1low engine speed limit for shut off injectionInjVCD_nShOffLoLim_C
1x1Maximum RPM Limiter [RPM]InjVCD_nShOffUpLim_C
6x1Duration SelectorInjVlv_numMI1_CUR
10x10Duration 00 [DEG]InjVlv_phiInjMI1_MAP0
15x17Duration 01 [DEG]InjVlv_phiInjMI1_MAP1
15x16Duration 02 [DEG]InjVlv_phiInjMI1_MAP2
15x16Duration 03 [DEG]InjVlv_phiInjMI1_MAP3
15x16Duration 04 [DEG]InjVlv_phiInjMI1_MAP4
10x10Duration 05 [DEG]InjVlv_phiInjMI1_MAP5
10x10Duration 06 [DEG]InjVlv_phiInjMI1_MAP6
10x10Map to determine adaptation factor for derivative gainPCR_facD_MAP
10x10Map to determine adaptation factor for integrally gainPCR_facI_MAP
10x10Map to determine adaptation factor for proportional gainPCR_facP_MAP
10x10Boost limiter via Patm [mBAR]PCR_pBDesMaxAP_MAP
1x1Max Boost SVBL [mBar]PCR_pBDesMax_C
1x1Min BoostPCR_pBDesMin_C
13x16N75 Duty CyclePCR_rBPCtlBas2_MAP
13x16N75 Duty CyclePCR_rBPCtlBas_MAP
10x16N75 Duty Cycle no gearPCR_rBPCtlGear_MAP
10x16Maximum Geometry Closing [DUTY CYCLE %]PCR_rBPGovMax_MAP
16x12reverse drivers wish: virtual drive map in case of reduction gear selection.Prp_rEngLow_MAP
16x16reverse drivers wish: inverted map of driver's behaviour for conventional powertrain managmentPrp_rEng_MAP
4x2MAP to determine starting cut outStSys_nStrtCutOut_MAP
9x9Hot StartStSys_trqStrtBas_MAP
10x9Cold StartStSys_trqStrt_MAP
561x1formula table for Measurement value blocksUACC_ESBFormular_C
561x1Normalizing for Measurement value blocksUACC_ESBNormVal_C
561x1Signal number table for Measurement value blocksUACC_ESBSigNr_C
255x4read signal for Signal blocksUACC_RSigBlkGrp_MAP
trim value of high speed limitationEepInit_vSpdLimMax_C
maximum speed of vehiclePrpCtl_vSpdLimMax_C