EDC15 Damos for WinOLS (VAG)


EDC15 Damos database consists of 189 damos(super mappack) for almost all EDC15V, EDC15VM and EDC15P Bosch ECU.  VAG group: VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat. Professional documentation with damos description is included(in German) for the database. Some WinOLS knowledge are required.

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EDC15 WinOLS Damos for VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat(including models: Audi A2, A3, B5, Audi B6, C5; Ford Galaxy; Seat Ibiza, Toledo, Arosa; Skoda; VW A3, A4, B5, Golf, Lupino, Lupo, Passat, Polo, Polo GP, Sharan and some others).

Map ID for EDC15 DAMOS

Damos for WinOLS consists of maps. Use following maps for tuning, removing EGR and some others modifications in EDC15 ECU files:

arwLMBPVGW – Air Mass Substuitive value
anwLDF_KL – Boost Pressure Linearisation
mrwFVH_KF – Drivers Wish
mrwBRA0KR – Smoke map
mrwBDB_KF – Torque map
ldwSWBGKF – Turbo pressure demand
ldwMXWKF – Turbo pressure limiter
ldwSWBLDMX – Turbo pressure single limiter
mrwPKOR_KF – Boost Limiter Via Temperature
zmwP_KF_P0 – Spraying Time (Map 0)
zmwP_KF_P1 – Spraying Time (Map 1)
zmwP_KF_P2 – Spraying Time (Map 2)
zmwP_KF_P3 – Spraying Time (Map 3)
zmwP_KF_P4 – Spraying Time (Map 4)
zmwP_KF_P5 – Spraying Time (Map 5)
zmwMKOR_KF – Fuel volume correction map
arwMLGRDKF – Expected Air Mass
ldwTV_KF – Geometry Control
cowFUNDSV0 – Code block details
cowFUN_DSV – Code block details (1,4-Automatic, 2,3,5-Manual)
sbwSBK_KF – Advance Limiter via Temp
mrwSTMGRKF – Cold Start Fuel Amount
mrwPBRA_KF – Smoke Limiter via Boost
sbwGK_KF – Advance
dzwDZ_NzMx – Maximum RPM Limiter
mrwLTW_KL- Idle Speed

You will find this maps in ECU file and many others  – apply a damos from our database to your file.

How to find a map with EDC15 damos in WinOLS?

How to find damos in the database?

All Damoses are sorted by a project. If you know a project symbols you will find mappack in the databaseeasily.

EDC15 Damos database project list : P050.V8A.VA02, P050.V8A.VA21, P050.V8B.VA02, P050.V8B.VA21, P050.V8C.VA02, P050.V8C.VA11, P050.V8C.VA21, P050.V8D.VA02, P050.V8E.VA21, P050.V8F.VA21, P050.V40.VA01, P050.V41.VA01, P050.V81.VA02, P050.V82.VA02, P050.V82.VA11, P050.V83.VA02, P050.V83.VA11, P050.V83.VA21, P050.V84.VA02, P050.V84.VA11, P050.V84.VA21, P050.V87.VA02, P050.V87.VA21, P050.V88.VA02, P050.V88.VA21, P050.V89.VA02, P050.V89.VA21, P120.VBG.VA05, P120.VBG.VA40, P120.VC5.VA06, P120.VC9.VA03, P120.VC9.VA05, P120.VC9.VA06, P120.VCA.VA03, P120.VCA.VA06, P120.VCA.VA41, P120.VCB.VA41, P120.VD1.VA06, P120.VD1.VA41, P120.VD5.VA06, P120.VD5.VA41, P120.VD5.VA52, P120.VE1.VA06, P120.VE2.VA06, P120.VE2.VA41, P120.VE2.VA52, P120.VE3.VA41, P120.VE4.VA52, P120.VE6.VA52, P120.VF1.VA06, P120.VF1.VA41, P120.VFA.VA06, P120.VFA.VA41, P120.VFA.VA52, P120.VFB.VA06, P120.VFB.VA52, P120.VFC.VA06, P120.VFC.VA41, P120.VFC.VA52, P120.VFD.VA06, P120.VFD.VA07, P120.VFD.VA41, P120.VFD.VA42, P120.VFD.VA52, P120.VFD.VA62, P120.VG2.VA06, P120.VG2.VA41, P120.VG2.VA61, P120.VG2.VA64, P127.VBB.VA21, P127.VBE.VA11, P127.VBJ.VA02, P127.VD5.VA05, P127.VD5.VA07, P127.VD5.VA12, P127.VD5.VA14, P127.VD5.VA21, P127.VD5.VA23, P127.VD6.VA03, P127.VD6.VA05, P127.VEB.VA03, P127.VEB.VA05, P127.VEB.VA12, P127.VEB.VA14, P127.VEB.VA21, P127.VEB.VA23, P127.VEB.VA34, P127.VFA.VA02, P127.VFA.VA03, P127.VFA.VA05, P127.VFA.VA12, P127.VFA.VA14, P127.VFA.VA21, P127.VFA.VA23, P127.VFA.VA34, P127.VFC.VA03, P127.VFC.VA05, P127.VFC.VA07, P127.VFC.VA12, P127.VFC.VA14, P127.VFC.VA21, P127.VFC.VA23, P127.VFC.VA34, P127.VFD.VA03, P127.VFD.VA05, P127.VFD.VA12, P127.VFD.VA14, P127.VFD.VA21, P127.VFD.VA23, P127.VFD.VA34, P127.VFE.VA03, P127.VFE.VA05, P127.VFE.VA07, P127.VFE.VA12, P127.VFE.VA14, P127.VFE.VA21, P127.VFE.VA23, P127.VFE.VA34, P127.VFF.VA03, P127.VFF.VA05, P127.VFF.VA12, P127.VFF.VA14, P127.VFF.VA21, P127.VFF.VA23, P127.VFF.VA34, P127.VFG.VA03, P127.VFG.VA05, P127.VFG.VA12, P127.VFG.VA14, P127.VFG.VA21, P127.VFG.VA23, P127.VFG.VA34, P127.VFH.VA03, P127.VFH.VA05, P127.VFH.VA07, P127.VFH.VA12, P127.VFH.VA14, P127.VFH.VA21, P127.VFH.VA23, P127.VFH.VA34, P127.VFK.VA03, P127.VFK.VA21, P127.VFK.VA23, P127.VFT.VA03, P127.VFZ.VA03, P127.VFZ.VA21, P127.VG1.VA14, P127.VG5.VA03, P127.VG5.VA12, P127.VG6.VA03, P127.VG6.VA05, P127.VG6.VA07, P127.VG6.VA12, P127.VG6.VA14, P127.VG6.VA21, P127.VGP.VA03, P127.VGP.VA05, P127.VGP.VA07, P127.VGP.VA12, P127.VGP.VA14, P127.VGP.VA21, P127.VGP.VA23, P127.VGQ.VA03, P127.VGQ.VA05, P127.VGQ.VA07, P127.VGQ.VA12, P127.VGQ.VA14, P127.VGQ.VA21, P127.VGQ.VA23, P136.VC9.VA04, P136.VCA.VA04, P136.VCH.VA04, P136.VCK.VA04, P136.VCL.VA04, P136.VFB.VA04, P136.VFC.VA04, P136.VFD.VA04, P136.VFE.VA04, P136.VFI.VA04, P136.VG2.VA04, P136.VGA.VA04, P136.VGF.VA04, P136.VGK.VA04, P136.VGL.VA04, P207.VE6.VA01, P207.VE8.VA01, P207.VE9.VA01, P207.VEH.VA01

Damos ID for VAG EDC15

How to find a project symbols in your ECU file:

Can I buy 1 damos from the database?

Yes, a client can buy only one damos from the database for EDC15 ECU. Don’t forget to let us know what damos do you need.

Additional information


EDC15V, EDC15VM, EDC15P (Bosch VAG)


Damos (*.dam files) + Professional technical documentation


Damos database (189 projects), One Damos

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