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Tuning, EGR off, DPF/FAP off, original
for Audi, WV, Skoda, Seat, Mercedes, Toyota, Opel, Ford and many others!
 DPF/FAP, EGR + Tuning onlline
Online removing
DPF/FAP, EGR + Tuning
Send a request to specialists for online modifying your ECU file!
Tuning, Remove DTC, DPF, EGR, Flaps, AdBlue, IMMO, Speed Limiter... - online removal software
Online software
Delete DPF, EGR and DTC online - get result in 5 minutes!
Bosch EDC16/EDC17, Simos PCR2.1, Delphi, Simens, Visteon and others ECU.
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  • Removal options: DTC , DPF (Bosch EDC15, EDC16, EDC17, MD1; Siemens SID, PPD, PCR; Marelli MJD; Denso; Delphi, Isuzu), EGR , Flaps/Swirl , AdBlue/SCR , IMMO , Speed Limiter, TVA, MAF, Lambda/O2(Bosch ME7, MED9, MED17, Siemens MSV70).
  • Tuning: You can order Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 tuning for your ECU file.
  • Other modifications: Launch Control, HOT Start Fix, TPROT Patch, Torque Monitoring OFF, StartStop Disable, Boost Sensor Calibration, OBD Protection(VAG ME7, MED9, EDC16, EDC17, BMW EDC17).
  • Use our online software on for removing some parameters and downloading corrected file immediately. You needn’t wait manager answer.

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