DAMOS for WinOLS (super map pack)

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If you haven’t find a damos you can buy a2l file for WinOLS almost for any ECU.

Great collection of Damos files for WinOLS is here! Actual super map pack for ECU files you can buy and download on AutoDTC.net! For cars only.

What is damos for WinOLS / mappack?

  • A Damos for WinOLS contain a description of all controller maps in the dump – super map pack. Damos help to find diagnostic trouble codes, to do qualitative tuning and many others. All descriptions are in Deutsche.
  • If you use our mappack for WinOLS(.a2l/.ols file) you can find maps for tuning only. All our mappacks are in English.

Bosch EDC17, EDC16 and EDC15 Damos

We have a great Bosch Damos Collection for sale. The customer can buy as a single damos as a package for next manufacturers: AUDI, WV, SEAT, SKODA.

You can see how to work Damos on these images: