DTC removal software - download

Use this remover to make DPF OFF, EGR OFF and disable DTC for EDC16

We developed removal software for disabling DTC in dump files for VAG and PSA (Bosch ECU). Also those programs help to disable EGR and DPF.

Price of each program is 99€. A client receives link to downloading a program after payment via PayPal.

DTC Removal Software for EDC16U, EDC16U34 and EDC16U31 (VAG) -

DTC Remover for EDC16C34, EDC16C39 and some files for EDC16CP39(PSA) -

25% Off Your Purchase: 2 programs VAG and PSA for 149€.

Get 35% off - discount are available to purchase programs with ECU database and Chiptuning database at the same time.

Use those new dtc removers to find all diagnostic trouble codes in ecu files. Programs show if DPF is ON or OFF as well as EGR. Select parameters for remove and save edited file offline. Programs work offline - without connecting to internet.

Those removal sofrware are very easy to use. A client loads ECU file into program, selects parameters for removing and saves modified file in local directory.

Advantages of our programs:
1) You’ll know addresses of tables with P-CODE, OLD-CODE and table of error status.
2) Load your file to make DTC off, DPF off and EGR off easy and quickly.
3) Full description of each diagnostic trouble code: status, value and address in mask.
4) When you remove DPF / EGR the program delete all diagnostic trouble codes associated to DPF / EGR automatically.

PSA removal software is developed specially for Peugeot and Citroen. VAG removal software - for VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda. It helps to delete DTC, DPF and EGR on BOSCH ECU.

Here are several screenshots of our programs with short descriptions.

When you open a file in the program you'll see following:

1) Use the button "Open" to open your file.
2) Use the button "Report" to get a short report.
3) Use the button "Save" to save modified file.
4) Enter diagnostic trouble code for searching in hexidecimal or in decimal representation (including "0") and push the button "Search". For example: 0571 in hex; 00381 in dec.
5 - 6) "DPF/FAP" and "EGR" help you to remove these parameters in the file.
7 - 8) Status of DTC: on or off.
9) Do double click in the first column to select DTC for disabling. After this you'll get label "OFF OFF" in the line with DTC for disabling.

Adresses of start and finish of tables with PCODES, OLDCODES / VAG Codes and table with error status, numeral system and status of DPF you will find in short report from dtc remomer:

After double click on any error code you will see address of this error in the file.

Special window in this ecu software helps you to delete DPF and all errors associated with it. Push the buttons "Disable all" and "Save and Exit" for automatically disabling DPF. You can use manualy settings.

Use button "Disable All" for automatically disabling EGR in special window. Settings for Hysteresis EGR you can change manually too.

Here are videos "How to use" on Youtube. The first video is about program for VAG and the second is for PSA.

There are 2 tables - P-Code and VAG-Code. P-Code is in hexadecimal representation and consists of 4 symbols. VAG-Code may be in hexadecimal and decimal representation on your choose. Hexadecimal representation of diagnostic trouble code for VAG consists of 4 symbols too. Decimal representation of DTC for VAG consists of 5 symbols.

If you need delete DTC you should find it using field "Search DTC". When you use form "Search DTC" you can search pcodes and vagcodes.
Note: you should type full error. For example, "01A3" or "00125". If you can't select "DPF/FAP" it means that it's already aborted.

Buy and download removal software.

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Remove diagnostic trouble codes, DPF/FAP, EGR and FLAP online! Just use Autodtc.net or EasyEcu.com

ECU Database

You can download Database of ECU files: original files, DPF OFF, EGR OFF, IMMO, tuning, damos and so on.

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We can try to do offline all that you can't do online. Just sent message on admin@autodtc.net.