DTC Simos PCR2.1 Removal Software


Remove fault codes in a ECU file using this program – Simos PCR 2.1 DTC Removal software. Download and delete errors yourself easy and fast.


When you run the program you’ll see button “Open”. Use this button for select SIMOS PCR 2.1 ECU file.

The program shows you a table with diagnostic trouble codes after processing your file (see following picture).

  1. Buttons for file manipulations: Open, Report, Save.
  2. DTC Searching.
  3. ECU information.
  4. All diagnostic trouble codes in a file.

How to remove DTC in Simos PCR2.1 ECU file?

You need to select DTC for removing in the program. There are two ways of selecting DTC:

  • The first way: select fault code by double click on table cell (area 4 on the previous picture).
  • The second way: use Search button (area 2 on the previous picture).

For example, if I need to delete P0403 error in Simos Pcr2.1 ECU file I’ll make double-click on line 151 and 152 in the table.

Use the button “Report” to check DTC list for removing.

Use “Save” button to save modified file on your computer.

PCR2.1 DTC Remover – updating

If you see message “Software Number don’t find. Check your file or send the file to Autodtc.net Support” you can send your file to our support for updating the program.

How to download PCR2.1 DTC Remover free?

If you buy Simos PCR2.1 ECU files database you’ll receive program PCR2.1 Remover for free.

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