EDC17C60 TPROT and IMMO OFF software (download)


Software for removing TPROT and IMMO in EDC17C60 ECU files. For cars from PSA group only. Download it on Autodtc.net! Read more info here>>


EDC17C60 TPROT and IMMO OFF software is intended for users of the Chinese version of PCMFlasher(KTMBench) version 1.2.0.

Before writing new firmware to the EDC17C60 ECU (PSA group only), it is necessary to correct TPROT. Does not do this since version 1.2.0. This problem has been fixed in version 1.2.1 and higher.

If after writing new file your car starts several times and then never starts again and has error P3028, you can try using this program to solve the problem.

This software uses a well-known method for correcting TPROT and is intended only to simplify this process.
We don’t take any responsibility in case of your failures. Everything is at your own risk.
Do not forget to save the original file – you can always return everything back.

Don’t forget to enable checksum calculation on your device before recording.
This program does not correct the checksum.

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