Mercedes E200 180 MED17.7.2 550144 – Tuning & Dyno test


Tuning for Mercedes E200 180 PS Auto 7 G-tronic MED17.7.2.
Dyno test solution!

SW: 1037540377
SW Upg.: 1037550144
ECU: MED17.7.2


Tested tuning solution for Mercedes E200  MED17.7.2. It was tested on real cars! Dyno results are showed on graphs on this page.

This pack consist of several files:

  1. Original file.
  2. Tuning file Stage 1.
  3. Screenshot of Dyno test with original file.
  4. Screenshot of Dyno test with tuning file.

File size: 4.2 Mb.

Additional information

Package consist of

Original file, Tuning file, Test diagram with original file, Test diagram with tuning file.

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