Ford Transit – EGR off, DPF off, Tuning (Visteon ECU)


ECU files for Ford Transit – EGR(AGR) and DPF removed, tuning by Stage 1, original.
Almost 95% of all Ford Transit 2.2TDCI and 2.4TDCI (with Visteon DCU101-202 ECU) from 2006 to 2013 release dates.


Ford Transit EGR(AGR) and DPF OFF

You can use this database to find Visteon ECU files for Ford Transit. EGR(AGR) and DPF are removed if those options provided in a unit. You’ll find versions of files with correctly removed EGR valve and/or diesel particulate filter (DPF/FAP – if it is equipped in a car) in this database.

Tuning for Ford Transit Visteon ECU

All ECU files for Ford Transit are tuned according to Stage 1 standard.

Power is increased from 15% to 25% for all files. It depends on original engine configuration. Because the same 2.2TDCI can be 85 hp as well as 130 hp – it depends on software number.

The torque model is changed, the boundaries of the torque are optimized, the injection and stroke maps are optimized.

ECU tuning files are for each software in the database as well as original ECU files. Remapped files are combined with Ford transit EGR and DPF off.

The database description

  • Almost 95% of all Ford Transit released from 2006 to 2013,
  • 2.2TDCI and 2.4TDCI engines with automatic or manual gearbox,
  • 85, 110, 115, 130 and 140 bhp engines,
  • 69 various software numbers (about 200 ECU files).
  • ECU files is in a binary format for writing the Kess2 boot loader or similar on the OBD.

Every software number is present in several versions. For example, original file, tuning + EGR off, tuning + EGR off + DPF off.

You’ll receive link for downloading the Ford Transit database during 24 hours after payment. Link for downloading will be send to your e-mail.

The database is packed in archive 56.4 Mb(.rar format). Unpack the archive after downloading.

Ford Transit files list

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Ford Transit Visteon ECU (2.2TDCI and 2.4TDCI engines)


EGR off, DPF off, Tuning, Original