BMW 535d 272 HP edc16cp35 x17 – Tuning & Dyno test


Tuning for BMW 535d EDC16cp35.
Dyno test solution!

HW Nummer: 0281012191
SW: 1037390198
SW Version: 07808406
Read MAGPro2 x17


100% right tuning solution for BMW 535d 272 HP edc16cp35 x17. It was tested on real cars! Dyno results are showed on graphs on this page.

This pack consist of several files:

  1. Original file.
  2. Tuning file(stage1+ vmax).
  3. Tuning file(stage1+ vmax egr)
  4. Screenshot of Dyno test with original file.
  5. Screenshot of Dyno test with tuning file.

File size: 2.1 Mb.

Additional information

Package consist of

Original file, Tuning file, Test diagram with original file, Test diagram with tuning file.

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