FAQ - How to use AutoDTC.net

All about how you can use online service autodtc.net

How to disable DTC codes, DPF/FAP, EGR or FLAP online?

You can use our online ecu removal sofware. How to use "egr, dpf and dtc remover" read here - Online removing - step by step instruction.

I need modify ECU-file offline. What should I do?

Enter online form on main page of autodtc.net(select manufacturer, model, engine, ecu and your dump-file), push the button "Free check". If this model is not available for online service you'll see form of offline request. Write all you need to do in dump-file, your contact e-mail and push the button "Send". Clients usually receive answers during 24 hours after sending request.

What kind of payments is on Autodtc.net?

The are 2 ways of payments on autodtc.net:
1) clients buy tokens. Tokens are generated automatically after payment. Usually tokens used for online disabling on autodtc.net
2) clients do payments via "BuyNow" buttons.

What is token?

Token is special 32 symbols password. A client use a token during online disabling DTC, DPF/FAP, EGR and Flap.
Advantage of online removing is the fast receiving of modified file. Client needn’t wait of answer from Admin.

How to buy tokens?

You can buy 1, 3 or 9 tokens. Go to page of payment on autodtc.net and push the button "Buy now" near label "1 token", "3 tokens" or "9 tokens".
After payment via PayPal you’ll receive tokens. For online service you need 1 token per 1 modification.

How to get a discount?

We have discount system. You can choose discount yourself by buying several tokens. If you buy several tokens at the same time you get a discount. The more tokens than the more discount.
1 token costs 19,90€.
3 tokens cost 49,90€ - discount 15%.
9 tokens cost 99,90€ - discount 45%.

When I receive my tokens?

After payment client receives automatically message with personal token from autodtc.net during 10 min.

I didn't receive my tokens. What should I do?

Send message to admin@autodtc.net with ID of PayPal transaction.

Need I buy token for offline service?

No, you needn't. A client do payment via "BuyNow" button.

How I should pay for offline job?

Our specialist notify client about amount of payment during several hours after sending request. If client accept the price our specialists will modify a file. This may take from 2 to 24 hours.

For example, I have bmw x5 edc16cp35. I need to delete dpf and to disable faults. How much I need to buy tokens to do this job?

You can delete dpf and disable faults for bmw x5 edc16cp35 several ways:
1) Online on autodtc.net if it's possible. In this case you need to buy 1 token. Online service costs 1 token always.
2) Offline on autodtc.net by sending a request to admin. This service costs 40€ for bmw x5 edc16cp35. Price may change for others ECU.
3) One more our online service - easyecu.com. You can try to find solutions for many ecu on easyecu.com. Cost of this service you can see right after uploading a file.

Online service

Remove diagnostic trouble codes, DPF/FAP, EGR and FLAP online! Just use Autodtc.net or EasyEcu.com

ECU Database

You can download Database of ECU files: original files, DPF OFF, EGR OFF, IMMO, tuning, damos and so on.

Service support

We can try to do offline all that you can't do online. Just sent message on admin@autodtc.net.