• tunning ecu files

    Chip tuning files

    Great database of tuned files for cars and lorry. Audi, BMW, Mercedes, VW and etc.

  • ecu files

    Database of ecu files

    Up to 30 000 ECU files with IMMO off, adBlue, DPF and EGR off, E2, E3 and etc.

  • simos pcr ecu files


    Database of PCR 2.1 ECU files: original, EGR/DPF off, chip tuning, super pack.

  • Mercedes delete EGR, DPF

    Mersedes Benz files

    EDC16xx, EDC17 and Delphi – delete DPF, EGR, VSA, E2, SCR (ADBLUE)

  • Visteon

    Visteon ECU files

    Database of ECU files for Ford Transit: Tuning Stage 1 + DPF and EGR (AGR) OFF.

  • Damos for WinOls

    Damos for WinOLS

    *.a2l files help to find maps for DPF/FAP, EGR, FLAPS, IMMO fast and easy.

  • Original ecu files

    Original ECU files

    Original ecu file helps to restore your electronic control unit.

You may be also interested to see Electrical Schematic Diagrams EDC for various ECU with documentation, pinout and graphs.

A lot of information about off-line programs for VAG and PSA read on

Online service

Remove diagnostic trouble codes, DPF/FAP, EGR and FLAP online! Just use or

ECU Database

You can download Database of ECU files: original files, DPF OFF, EGR OFF, IMMO, tuning, damos and so on.

Service support

We can try to do offline all that you can't do online. Just sent message on