Mercedes Benz database – EDC16, EDC17, Delphi


Mercedes Benz ECU files database. The package is consist of files with 105 various software numbers for most popular Mercedes models. Original files and files with removed DPF, EGR, VSA, E2, SCR (ADBLUE) are in the Mercedes Benz database. Only EDC16, EDC17 AND Delphi.


Mercedes Benz ECU files

There are almost 80% of all ML, GL, Vito, Viano, Sprinter models of Mercedes with mainly EDC16 and EDC17 electronic control unit. All modified files are completely right and tested for real cars many times. It’s possible to complete turn off the module with the dismantling of disconnected elements, such as differential pressure and temperature sensors, a lambda probe, throttle assembly, etc. Fuel injection maps and other maps that change the mixture formation, fuel pressure and other parameters are not changed in the files. All DPF, EGR, VSA, E2, LSU, TVA, SAP solutions for Mercedes was checked and is working well.

EDC16CP31, EDC16C31, EDC16C2, EDC17CP01, EDC17CP46, EDC17CP10, DCM3.5, EDC15C6, EDC15C0, Delphi CRD2, MT, ME2.0 are represented in the database of ECU files for Mercedes.

What connectors should be disconnected?

If you use files for EDC1631/CP31 and EDC16C2 ECU you should disconnect the following:

  • If you use a file with removed DPF you should disconnect the connectors from the differential pressure and particulate filter temperature sensors.
  • You should remove the connector from the LSU (lambda sensor unit) if you turn off lambda probe.
  • If you delete EGR you should remove the connector from the EGR valve.
  • Remove the connector from the throttle assembly if you turn off TVA (throttle valve).
  • If you turn off the variable intake geometry (VSA), remove the connector with the VSA (on the intake manifold).

If you use files for Delphi ECU in Mercedes:

  • When you remove DPF you may not disconnect the connectors from the differential pressure.
  • If you’d like to delete EGR you can remove the connector from the EGR valve.

When you’ll use a file with the euro-2 index for gasoline vehicles it’s possible complete removal of the catalyst and lambda probes (in the part of the ECU).

List of all files in Mercedes database