Skoda Octavia 1.6 TDI EDC17C64 538357 tuning mappack


WinOLS mappack for Skoda Octavia 1.6 TDI EDC17C64 538357 04L906021M ECU file.
ECU file + mappack for WilOLS(a2l, kp).

SW: 1037538357
ECU type: EDC17C64


Mappack includes the next maps:

Map Title, maps count:
Drivers Wish [NM], 7
Rail Pressure [mBAR], 7
Advance [º], 12
NM Conversion Table [FUEL], 11
Injection Limiter Via Temp [ENGINE LOAD], 4
Speed Limiter Via Temp [ENGINE LOAD], 1
Torque [NM], 2
Injector Opening Time [mSCD], 2
Boost Correct. Via Temp. [mBAR], 1
Smoke Limiter via Boost [FUEL], 1
Lambda [AFR], 7
Setpoint maximum turbocharger speed [RPM/s], 1
Boost Pressure [mBAR], 5
Compressor Efficiency Map [], 1
Compressor Turbine Map [], 1
Gear torque limiter [NM], 10
Max Inner Torque [NM], 1
Maximum engine torque at the crankshaft [mBAR], 1
Maximum Rail Pressure [mBAR], 2
Maximum Temp at Turbine [DEG], 2
Maximum threshold of the exhaust gas temperature at the particle sensor [C], 1
Maximum Torque at Clutch [NM], 1
Replacement Rail Pressure Set point [mBAR], 1
Speed Limiter [Km/h], 1