BMW 5 series 2010 (F10-F11) EDC17C41 tuning mappack


WinOLS mappack for BMW 5 series 2010 (F10-F11) 30d 258 hp Bosch EDC17C41 (OBD read).
Original ECU file + mappack for WilOLS(a2l, kp).

ECU type: Bosch EDC17C41


WinOLS Mappack includes the next maps:

Map Title, maps count:
Map for the Loss of engine torque monitoring [%], 1
Torque Monitoring [NM], 1
Rail Pressure [mBAR], 1
Drivers Wish [NM], 2
Injection Limiter Via FAP Pressure [NM], 1
Injection Limiter Via Temp [NM], 1
Torque [NM], 5
Speed Limiter Via Temp [ENGINE LOAD], 2
Advance [DEG], 4
Advance Limiter [DEG], 3
Injector Opening Time [mSCD], 1
Geometry Control [DUTY CYCLE %], 7
Boost Pressure [mBAR], 10
Boost Limiter Via Patm [mBAR], 1
Lambda [AFR], 2
Maximum motor torque [NM], 1
Torque Limiter [NM], 5
Torque Limiter (Fuel) [Mg], 1
Torque Limiter By DPF pressure [NM], 1