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Tuning files for downloading

The most common way to update the ECU is using ready tunung files from database. Nearly 20 000 original and remapped files are in this base - Audi, BMW, Mercedes, VW, Skoda, Seat and etc. You need just download the database (archive is about 3,5 Gb) and find required chiptuning file.

Chiptuning - what is?

Chiptuning – a way of make better engine options within modifying of the ECU software, this is reprogramming of electronic control unit.

The common purpose of auto chiptuning:

- Increase of engine power, flexibleness. Traction of engine may be reduced by manufacturer. ECU remapping helps to use all constructive motor potential.

- Improving economy. Successful ecu remapping increase power and torque as well as reduce fuel consumption for normal driving. This is resulting of responsive engine makes it possible to drive in a range of lower speeds. Vehicles with a tuning electronic control unit may be more sensitive to fuel quality.

- Easing of various software restrictions - for example, a maximum speed limiter.

However, most popular reason of diesel chiptuning is simply better response of accelerator pedal and more even thrust over the entire speed range – this gives a feeling of better dynamics in urban driving.

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